I am really late to the party. I just saw the movie Fifty Shades of Grey on television last week. I have never read the books so I am not going to have some enraged, long overdue reaction and complain about how the movie was nowhere near how hot the books were or say the movie was completely boring. I actually was entertained by it and thought the actor, Jamie Dornan, who played Christian Grey, was good looking.

The timing couldn’t have been better because I received an invitation to a Fifty Shades Night at Wine and Canvas last Friday for a friend’s birthday party. I looked at the Wine and Canvas website and the description read: 50 Shades Night! FREE Bottomless Champagne PLUS Sexy Male Server! It had a photo of the painting we were going to paint and the photo of the server. Oh hell yeah. I was so in.

If you are looking for things to do in Las Vegas for a girl’s night out or even a fun date, Wine and Canvas is the perfect choice. The experience is always positive. Here are the top four reasons you should go paint at Wine and Canvas:

10% Discount
The price of the class ranges from $35 – $45 which is not bad considering you get to take home your artwork and are entertained for 2.5 – 3 hours. Everything is included in that price: the art instructor, canvas, easel, paint, brushes and apron. There is a bar which serves alcohol, soda and water. This is not included.

Book your next class online at Wine and Canvas and use Promo Code: inandoutofvegas to receive a 10% discount! You may also receive the discount using the same promo code when making reservations over the phone. Take a peek at their calendar for a schedule of their upcoming classes.

Personal Masterpiece
People are intimidated when they hear about going to a painting class. At Wine and Canvas, I guarantee you with a few glasses of wine, you will go home with what you believe is your own personal masterpiece. Just kidding. Don’t drink and drive. The instructor goes at a pace that is very easy to follow and takes you through a step-by-step process to get you to the end result. Every time I have taken a class, each person’s painting at the end was in fact their own personal masterpiece. No one is embarrassed of their work. It is such a fun experience and you do not have to be an experienced painter to join.

It’s a Party
Everyone who attends the Wine and Canvas class has come for a good time. It is always a very social environment where you not only talk to the people you came with, but you end up talking to the people around you as well. I almost feel like you could come

alone and leave making a bunch of new friends. There is always great music to keep things upbeat and friendly staff to add to the fun.

At our 50 Shades painting class, there were some random prizes given away about halfway through the class.

Something For Everyone
Wine and Canvas arranges for private events such as a team building event for a company. They also have classes for children called Cookies and Canvas, and even have “Paint Who You Love” /“Paint Your Pet” custom events for specific images.

Join the fun! Wine and Canvas is located at 730 W. Sunset Road.

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