Let me just start out by saying that Ricky Martin is HOT. There, I said it and got it out of the way. There is just no denying that fact.

I have never been a Ricky Martin fan nor have I ever disliked him. Whenever I use to see him perform on television, I thought he was good looking and very talented but he wasn’t someone on my playlist in the car. When I heard he was performing at the Park Theater, I didn’t run out to buy tickets. The only reason I arranged to watch him was because my sister was scheduled to visit me and she is a big fan. Her trip was moved to the end of the month so she was not able to watch, but I decided to bring a friend and go anyway.

Before Ricky actually takes the stage for his All In concert, a video plays on a huge screen. Ricky is seen, in the last frame, exiting the shower in a towel. He drops the towel exposing his bare butt. All the females in the audience screamed. I even screamed. I really couldn’t help it. That video revs you up and then Ricky is seen descending from the ceiling to perform, “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” He is ten times better looking person.

What really turned me into a fan was that Ricky is such an awesome performer. Typically, singers will move a little but leave the heavy dancing to their backup dancers. Ricky, on the other hand, was “ALL IN” dancing as well as his backup dancers and singing live to boot. Watching his concert was so exhilarating because he had an energy that lit up the stage. Watching him will make you want to get up and start dancing. He sings his popular songs like, “Shake Your Bon Bon,” “She Bangs,” “She’s All I Ever Had,” and a handful of Spanish songs.

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin All In

Don’t miss his show when he returns to the Park Theater in September! It is definitely worth watching. Te amo, Ricky!

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