Kathy Ireland, Michael Amini
Kathy Ireland, Las Vegas
With Kathy Ireland

“I am following in Kathy Ireland’s footsteps.” This was running through my head as I walked around with Kathy last Sunday. She is REALLY tall and I stand at five feet, three inches so I was often trailing behind her.

It was the opening day for the Las Vegas Market, a huge exhibition area which houses both permanent and temporary exhibitors in the furniture and home decor space. I was invited to meet Kathy and check out her Home Designs Furniture Collection which was created with her partner, Michael Amini.

While you may think that trailing behind Kathy doesn’t sound fun, I thought it was quite enjoyable. I wanted to know how it felt to walk in the shoes of the woman who went from supermodel to Big Boss Lady. Think about it. Back in the 80s and 90s, the world admired Kathy for her beauty when she graced the cover of numerous magazines like Sports Illustrated and now, she is a celebrated entrepreneur with her own company, kathy ireland Worldwide. I use the word “celebrated” loosely because in 2015, she joined Forbes’ list of Top 50 Most Successful Women based on net worth (over $400 million at the time) and has been named one of the Most Influential Leaders in Furniture by Furniture Today. That calls for more than just a celebration, that deserves a Slay Girl, Slay Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kathy Ireland, Michael Amini
Kathy Ireland Michael Amini Home Designs Collection

In case anyone is wondering, she is beautiful in person. If you believe that powerful female entrepreneurs are overbearing and bitchy, meeting Kathy will redefine your beliefs. She is soft-spoken and polite always saying thank you, and was very accommodating with anyone who wanted to take a picture with her. She made everyone feel very comfortable.

Kathy’s personality comes through in her furniture collection with Michael Amini. Looking around the showroom, the furniture pieces are all created in soft, comfortable hues. The designs transcend age and speak to anyone whose taste is more classic than trendy. The pieces are stylish; you are not going to find a polka-dotted couch in a bright, fuchsia shade in this collection.

We also wandered over to Pacific Coast Lighting where Kathy even has a lighting and accessories collection! I would probably have to write a novel to truly capture all of Kathy’s business ventures and accomplishments.

Kathy Ireland, Las Vegas Market, In and Out of Vegas, Michael Amini
Kathy with Michael Amini

So, you see walking in Kathy’s footsteps was a privilege. She has some pretty incredible shoes.

The Las Vegas Market runs through August 2nd. Click on the gallery below for more photos!






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42 Replies to “Kathy Ireland: Walking in Her Footsteps”

  1. Never heard of her but this seems like a wonderful experience! I know i would be pretty excited doing this with my favourite celebrity!

  2. What an amazing experience! I see that you took all of that in, which is great! It’s great to know that there are successful women who are still friendly and humble.

  3. I love her furniture. Michael Amini and Kathy Ireland together, can’t go wrong with that. Comfort and style!

    1. She stepped out of the modeling world into the business world 🙂 Her furniture pieces are really nice. Have a great week! 🙂

  4. Wow, this is amazing! I wish I could walk in one of my mentors/idols footsteps as well, it would be awesome!

  5. It sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time getting to follow around in her footsteps! It seems like she has so many strings to her bow as well with so much going on.

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