I have lived in Las Vegas since 2004. My first full time job was in a casino. In fact, the first company that hired me is still my employer after 13 years! Before I moved to the corporate office, I worked in the casinos, on the casino floor. It was actually one of my favorite jobs because I had the opportunity to interact with so many tourists.

I worked as the Players Club desk manager at one of the casinos on the Strip. I met some very kind and funny people who didn’t always have the smartest questions, but I was always polite anyway. Some days it was REALLY tough to keep smiling. Here are some of the funniest questions people have asked me. ME = M; Tourist = T.

Do You Live Here?

M: Do I live in the casino?
T: No, who lives where they work? No, I mean in Nevada.
M: Yes, sir, I do.
T: Oh, I didn’t think anyone actually lived here!

Funny, I thought most people did live in the state they worked in?

Do You Live Here? (same question, different tourist)

Me: Do I live in Las Vegas?
T: No, of course you live in Las Vegas, you work here!
M; Oh, live where?
T: In the casino?
M: No, there are actually other places than just the Strip. The other places have houses. We also have a lot of employees. If we all lived in the casinos, there wouldn’t be space for all of our guests.

Can You Please Tell Me Which Machine is Going to Hit a Jackpot?

M: (laughing)
T: I’m serious. Which machine is going to hit the jackpot?
M: I wouldn’t have that information.
T: How do you not know? Do you work here? It looks like you have been standing there all day.
M: Ma’am, if I knew which one was going to hit the jackpot, I would be playing that machine right now.

Why Isn’t My Machine Working?
I walk over to inspect the machine.
M: Sir, you don’t have any credits. You have to put money in the machine if you want to continue to play.
T: I have my card in.
M: Oh, it looks like it isn’t inserted correctly. Let me fix it for you.
T: Thank you, I knew something was wrong.
M: Sir, this looks like your ATM card.
T: It is. The fees are ridiculous at the ATM machines here. I thought I would just take money straight from the machine.

I am not kidding.

May I Get a Comped Room?
A nice gentleman came to the Players Club desk asking for a complimentary room and handed me his player’s card.

M: Sir, let me see what you have on your card. I want to ensure we have tracked all of your play. Did you put $10 in this penny machine and play from 3:20 to 3:30 today?
T: Yes.
M: Okay, you may have not had your card inserted in the machine correctly because I don’t see any other play on the card.
T: No, that’s right. That’s all I played.
M: Sir, here is how the card works . I began explaining the player’s club program and how long he had to play to begin earning benefits.
T: Well, I don’t need that card if I have to spend money to earn anything.

He threw the card on the desk and walked away.

Have You Eaten at All of the Buffets in This Town?
M: I can stand to lose a few pounds I know, but I hope I don’t look like I have eaten at all of the buffets.

Can You tell Me Where The Nearest Bathroom is?
M: Yes, if you follow the path along the carpet, you will see the Buffet. It is located to the right of that.
T: (Surprised). You speak English very well. How long did it take you to learn?
M: Sir, I was born in Chicago.
T: OH……

Please keep visiting Las Vegas! You all make this city a little more sparkly than it already is!

16 Replies to “Funniest Things People Have Asked Me While Working in a Las Vegas Casino”

  1. LOL I would like to know which machines are going to hit the jackpot too. I mean it couldn’t hurt to ask *shrugging shoulders*

    1. You should definitely visit! There is so much to do in this city even if you don’t gamble. Thanks for your support!

  2. LOL this is so funny especially the first two questions! I would have almost busted a guy the second go round laughing so hard! I happy you do have really good laughable moments at work it keeps it interesting laughter is the best medicine!

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