In and Out of Vegas, Seven Magic Mountains

Even if you have never been to Las Vegas or don’t know much about our fabulous city, you probably at least know that you can come here to gamble, watch a show or eat a buffet. There are actually quite a few unique things to do that you didn’t know about! Let me share ten of them with you!

Get Married at Denny’s

You have all probably heard of the wedding chapels we have in Las Vegas where you can get a quickie marriage license or the drive-up window weddings as well. I bet you have never heard of the weddings we have at the Denny’s in Downtown Las Vegas. Their $199 wedding package includes the following:

In and Out of Vegas,
Get Married at Denny’s

– Use of the chapel
– Use of the photo booth
– Silk presentation bouquet and boutonniere
– Wedding pancake puppies cake
– Champagne toast
– Two (2) wedding T-shorts
– Two (2) original Grand Slams (good for your next visit)

Who says you can’t have your (pan) cake and eat it too? You’re welcome.

Blackout Dining in the Dark

When you remove your sense of sight, your four other senses are heightened. That is the concept behind Blackout Dining. Food, drinks and conversation are taken to a different level when you no longer can see, not to mention no one can be glued to their cellphone! The four to six course meal is eaten entirely in the dark.

The Mob Museum

I love watching mob movies! This is why I find the mob museum so interesting. They have interactive exhibits and

In and Out of Vegas,, The Mob Museum
The Mob Museum

one-of-a-kind artifacts all housed in the former Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse built in 1933. You will learn all about the history of organized crime and see rare footage of crimes credited to the Mafia. Just make sure you look over your shoulder while you’re there–just kidding!

Sky Jump Las Vegas

Sky Jump is located at the Stratosphere Las Vegas. The experience is similar to bungee jumping except there are guide wires that keep riders on course. It also slows down before you land so it is more of a controlled stop rather than a sudden drop. You will have bragging rights if you choose this experience. Sky Jump holds a Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility. It is a leap from 829 feet above the Strip! Take the leap of faith with this once in a lifetime experience!

Erotic Heritage Museum

This museum pays tribute to the history of erotica and has a variety of exhibits featuring erotic objects from history to present including the world’s largest erotic bicycle.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame, In and Out of Vegas
Pinball Hall of Fame

When I was a kid, we had a REAL pinball machine in our basement. So when I first walked into the Pinball Hall of Fame, it was like walking into a childhood memory. I love this place. It is not your typical Vegas flashy experience. It is simply a room filled with over 200 difference machines. It is loads of fun and what’s even more fun is that the machines still take quarters!

Dig This Las Vegas

Think gigantic sandbox, a Bulldozer and YOU in control. Yes, you can actually drive a real Bulldozer or Excavator! Experience digging holes, crushing cars, playing excavator basketball (you read that right) and driving through an obstacle course. Can you dig that?

Bodies…The Exhibition

This exhibit at the Luxor showcases REAL human bodies that have been preserved so visitors can view inside the skeletal, circulatory, muscular and respiratory system. It has an educational aspect to it showing what a healthy lifestyle versus an unhealthy one does to the body. It can be a bit creepy if you think about it, but there will be some interesting stories to take back home!

Speed Vegas

Speed Vegas, In and Out of Vegas
Speed Vegas

Satisfy your need for speed at Speed Vegas! Here you can choose an exotic car and drive on a real racetrack which also happens to be the longest and fastest racetrack in Las Vegas. Drive a Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini to name a few. They even have a cute souvenir shop!

Seven Magic Mountains

These sculptures, made of colorful boulders, stand proudly in the desert. They were created by world-renowned artist Ugo Rondinone using all-natural materials and will make the perfect addition to your trip photos and Instagram feed! Click here to read more!

The next time you are in Las Vegas, make sure you try one of these unique experiences. There really is something for everyone in our sparkly city! See you soon!

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  1. This is an awesome list. It is nice to have these options of things to do in Vegas that are away from the strip!

  2. Except fo “getting married in Vegas” cliché, I wasn’t aware of all this fun activities were available in the Sin City! That’s amazing!

  3. I love Las Vegas! There are so many interesting and entertaining things that is the city of Las Vegas. There’s no other place on earth. Thanks for sharing this 👍🏼 Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence

  4. Great list! And what’s so cool about Vegas is you could probably make several more of these lists and never run out of unique things to do. Thanks for posting!

    1. Definitely! The desert is so essential to Vegas – you might look into a desert activity for your next installment. We offer off road adventure tours and lots of our guests comment that being out in the desert and seeing that different side of Vegas is their favorite part of their trip.

  5. Vegas seems to be full of fun and activities. It’s funny that the bodies spot freaked me out lol. Being a doc that is 😃

  6. I have been to Las Vegas last winter and had a great time. I guess I needed to make another trip back to LV after seeing your post as I still have many places I have not explored from your list.

  7. Love this list! These are all great alternatives to the conventional activities like gambling, eating, shows, and partying. I’ll have to check these out next time except, if course, for getting married at Denny’s.

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