Tips For Your First Visit to Las Vegas

I have lived in Las Vegas since 2004. I have worked in the same hospitality/entertainment company for the past thirteen years. For nine of those years, I worked in two different casinos so my ‘office’ was on Las Vegas Boulevard or the Strip as it is commonly called. Most locals who work on the Strip really don’t want to hang out where they work if they don’t have to, but I make it a point to stay at hotels on the Strip whenever I have some vacation time. I love it!  There is always something new and exciting happening. I can imagine how exciting it must be for someone who has never been here before.  I can always see it from the first-timer’s eyes and I do know enough to share some worthwhile tips for those of you who plan to visit this sparkly city for the first time. It is Hot and DRY If you are going to be visiting in the next couple of months, you probably already… Read More