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I have been watching the Nordstrom, inside Fashion Show mall, slowly transform over the past couple of months. I work across the street from the mall so I had the opportunity to watch it blossom into an even better version of itself! Here is what’s new and some gift ideas to boot!

For The Beauty Buff
I LOVE the new look of the beauty department! Nordstrom took out a lot of the glass counters so the area looks really spacious. You can actually walk up closer to touch and test all of the products! That is not even the most exciting part. They have some amazing new brands! To name a few: Anastasia Beverly Hills, fresh, Le Labo, Charlotte Tilbury, apothecary, Tom Ford Beauty, and Sisley Paris.

There are some great services in their beauty department you can avail of while you’re doing your holiday shopping like lash applications with a purchase of lashes, custom-made foundation from Lancome, and brows and waxing from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Beauty stylists are on hand for free one-on-one consultations. You can also avail of makeup applications and touchups, and fragrance personalizations. Check out the gallery below for some great gift ideas for the beauty buffs in your lives and peek at some photos of the new space!

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For The Comfort Seekers
The holidays are a crazy time between hosting and attending parties, and shopping for gifts. Nordstrom makes at least the shopping experience easier, with all of the services they offer, and I bet you didn’t even know they had them! Here are my three favorite services:

1. Buy a pair of shorts or a shirt (or whatever you fancy) and you can personalize it in the store! They even personalize items you don’t purchase in the store! How cool is that?
2. Is something not fitting exactly the way you want? Not to worry! Nordstrom provides onsite alterations and tailoring services!
3. Are you unsure of the outfit you want to buy for your BFF or for yourself? Nordstrom has personal stylists to assist!

Here is a gallery of gift ideas of some cozy items for your comfort seekers all from Nordstrom of course!

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For The Food Lover
I just threw this category in because, well I am a food lover, and we all need a break from shopping to eat! I wanted to tell you about Nordstrom’s collaboration with Tom Douglas restaurants to come up with a new Italian bistro called Jeannie’s! This replaced Marketplace Café. The Nordstrom at Fashion Show is the only store to have Jeannie’s. You can have some yummy pizza and get this, it has a full service bar! We all could use a cocktail to take the edge off of our holiday shopping stress, right? If alcohol isn’t your thing, they also have a gelato bar and an espresso bar.

A Blogger’s Holiday Brunch
The lovely Nordstrom team, along with Christie Moeller, hosted a blogger’s brunch to introduce all of their new services, brands and changes to Nordstrom. Take a peek at my gallery to view our amazing brunch. Thank you Nordstrom and happy holidays everyone!

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20 Replies to “Holiday Shopping at Nordstrom Fashion Show”

  1. How much fun, I love that donut wall! I had no idea what services Nordstrom offers, that is amazing and I will have to check them out!

  2. Well, I LOVE Vegas, but have never shopped in a Nordstrom’s. Or even in Vegas! Too much eating and gambling to do, lol!

  3. I’m so unhappy about the fact that we don’t have Nordstrom here in Poland … that would be an amazing experience to shop there one day. I always envy bloggers who present the things they purchased there. 🙂

  4. This sounds like a blast! My daughter would be all about this. She loves fashion. I’ll have to take her to Nordstrom one day.

  5. This looks great, I haven’t really thought when I will be doing my holiday shopping or where but I think I need to start thinking about it.

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