Tom Ford Extreme Collection, In and Out of Vegas,, 2018 spring collection, Neiman Marcus

Can you believe that in just a couple of days, the spring season will officially be hopping in? Time is definitely springing forward! Thank goodness I was invited to the Neiman Marcus spring event at Fashion Show Las Vegas. I learned all about the spring trends to help me keep abreast of the latest and greatest for the season.

Tom Ford Extreme Collection, In and Out of Vegas,, 2018 spring collection
Tom Ford’s Extreme Collection

Everything that glitters is bold AND blossoming with a fusion of floral femininity! I love it and you will too!

All That Glitters is Bold

I believe you should always leave a little sparkle wherever you go and this season, it’s in fashion to do so! From sparkly shoes to shimmery lips to glittery eyelids; make glitter your signature color! Tom Ford’s latest Extreme collection features a range of eyeshadows, nail polish, and lash and brow tints to help you achieve that special edition sparkle.


It’s all about the statement sleeves! Go puffy, ruffled, or even ruched in tulle. Whatever it is you choose, don’t be afraid to sleeve your mind!

Neiman Marcus, In and Out of Vegas,, 2018 spring collection
Stripe It Up!

Go Go and Flaunt That Logo!

Adorn yourself with the brands you align with by flaunting that luxury logo from head-to-toe. Boom! It’s cool to do so this season.

Stripe it Up!
Stripe it up vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You’ve earned your stripes!

Hue Recognition

It is time for some hue recognition. At the end of the rainbow hue is jewelry and shoes! Check out Gucci taking it to new heights with their platform shoes!

Neiman Marcus, In and Out of Vegas,, 2018 spring collection, Gucci
Platform Shoes from Gucci

Devour the Flower
Don’t worry my girly girls, it’s still acceptable to indulge in your florals. Remember to keep them bold in sunny yellows and popping pinks to brighten your look. No wallflowers allowed. “ Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

Neiman Marcus, In and Out of Vegas,, 2018 spring collection, sunnies
Sweet and Sunnie

Sweet and Sunnie

Last, but not least, pick up some sunnies with soft tinted lenses! You are going to be seeing that retro vibe with delicate, feminine hues this season.

Check out the gallery below for more fun photos from the event. Thank you Christie Moeller and Neiman Marcus!

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35 Replies to “2018 Spring Trends from Neiman Marcus”

  1. I’m usually a fan of sunny, colorful stuff for Spring but that Tom Ford set really caught my eye. Though I’m not too sure about wearing soles like that, I really love the overall design from that Gucci pair.

  2. These are certainly some bright and colorful selections! I’m sure anyone could not help but to feel happy and cheerful in these choices.

  3. I love the Gucci platform rainbow shoes, it is so spring and it look so fun to wear them. I hope it is comfy and not easily tripped. I am also very interested in the funky color sunnies, love the middle blue! Look so cool!

  4. I am loving all the latest and greatest trends with sparkly shoes, shimmery lips, glittery eyelids. I am so excited about the Extreme collection from Tom Ford, still debating over which shade of eye shadow to pick. I am loving the retro vibes of the shades.

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