When I was a kid, I remember feeling bad whenever I would walk into a store with personalized merchandise because I would never be able to find anything with my name on it. They always had common names like John or Lisa. I was always hopeful though. I didn’t know at the time, that finding my name, “Ching,” was never going to happen.

This is probably why I love giving, and receiving, personalized gifts. There is something special about a gift that is truly meant for the receiver. Years ago, a friend of mine gave me two towels for the gym; each had my name embroidered on it. Another year, a friend gave me shoe bags with my name on it which she embroidered herself. I still have those gifts, 10 years later, because they mean so much to me. It’s either that or I am just hoarder, but let’s go with the first reason.

“T” is for Tini

Anyone who knows me knows I love my puppy Tini. She’s 10 years old but I still call her my puppy. She is like my baby. She is so loved and spoiled. My mom, who adores her as much as I do, sews Tini her own clothes and personalizes each with a big letter “T” on the back.

On the eve of my birthday, I received a very special gift. It was a very personalized gift which included my puppy! Needless to say, I absolutely love it! Pop Your Pop sent me a t-shirt with Tini on the front of it! Here is what I LOVE about Pop Your Pop:

They Don’t Stop Until They Get It Right
When you place an order with Pop Your Pup, you submit several photos to ensure they capture your fur baby accurately. Before placing the image on the product you choose, they send the artwork for your approval. If you are not happy, you may ask for not one or two revisions, but unlimited revisions! They do not stop until you are completely happy with the artwork.

Artwork of Tini

They Are Fast
Once the photos are received, they will send back artwork for you to review in just one business day.

They Are Not Only About Dogs
Although the company is called Pop Your Pup, they can pop your monkey, hamster, cat or cow just to name a few. How cool is that?

They Ship For Free
You don’t have to be IN Vegas to avail of the free shipping. They ship OUT of Vegas for free as well. In fact, they ship anywhere in the United States for free. For a fee, they can speed up the delivery process or ship internationally.

The best personalized gift ever. Here is Tini and I. I love it!


Tini and I
Tini and I
Tini and I

35 Replies to “Pop Your Pup!”

  1. Aww this is so sweet I know how you feel about walking into the store my name is Morgan and I could only find Megan !tini is a cool name and adorable !

  2. This is SO awesome!!! I love this so much and I’m thinking that these would make great Xmas gifts for Pet lovers .

  3. Their digitized artwork is pretty darn good, and only one business day? WOW, that is really really fast. For those fur families I could see this being a must have gift!

  4. Your dog looks so adorable. And I really like her T outfit it really fit to her. and You really captured every pose of your dog. So nice.

  5. Personalized gifts. That’s something I’ll remember. Great idea. Sometimes, little things make a big difference.

  6. I could so see myself doing this with my cats! And I can relate to your struggle; I can never find my name on personalized things either!

  7. That is adorable I really like how well you captured the dogs personality in the art and imagery fantastic product I hope you sell a lot of them

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