I am a one-stop shop kind of girl especially being a single, working girl in Las Vegas. I need to be able to find everything I need in one place because I am so busy juggling my time between a full-time job, my blog and blogging events, and my social life.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the residences at the Gramercy. It seem to speak to me, addressing all of my needs because it is a place where you can actually work, play, eat AND exercise without ever having to leave home! Conveniently located off of the I-215 and Russell Road, the Gramercy houses urban-style luxury apartments with private balconies and high ceilings. It is not just for the single girl who may only need a studio; they offer one to three bedroom apartments and penthouse lofts!

What I especially love about this place is that it is pet friendly. There are outdoor paths where my puppy Tini can do all of her sniffing and there are dog parks nearby. Plus when I have Tini in the car and groceries to carry, their underground parking with direct-access elevators will make my life easier.

The retail and dining area at the Gramercy is like having your own outdoor mall at home. You simply have to walk downstairs and everything is at your fingertips. I had the opportunity to visit three establishments and let me say, the service and staff at all three were impeccable.

Blood Orange Margaritas from Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos

First and foremost, let me talk about the blood orange margaritas because I haven’t been able to stop raving to my friends about them! It had just the right amount of tequila and a fruity, sweet taste, not to mention it was one good

looking drink as well! The fun environment makes it a perfect place to meet up with friends for a drink and some authentic Mexican food. Who doesn’t love some tacos, flautas or nachos with a cocktail?

Portion Control

Enjoying the food at Portion Control

Are you watching your weight? Not a problem because the Gramercy has something for everyone. Portion Control makes me happy especially since I have been on a diet since birth and often don’t have time to cook during the work week. Portion Control allows for you to eat healthy without the fuss of making the meals yourself. You can simply order online or walk downstairs, in your slippers if you choose, and enjoy one of their healthy food options.  We tried the Ahi Poke, Veggie Lasagna and the Zucchini Pomodoro.  They were all so delicious and definitely proof that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat bland food.  The Ahi Poke was my favorite; it simply melted in my mouth.

Nohea Nails
Just when I thought the day with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers could not get any better, we all walk into Nohea Nails to get some fun decals for our nails. The girly-girl in me came out when I saw the Barbie decals. I chose the high heels and lipstick for my nails. They are so cute. Today I

Fun Nail Decals from Nohea Nails

went to work and showed them off to my friends. They also gave us a gift certificate to come back to get the full nail experience! Thank you, Nohea Nails!

If you are looking for the perfect place to call home, look no further than the residences at the Gramercy. For more information, visit their website here or you can call 702.750.1994.

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42 Replies to “The Residences at Gramercy Las Vegas”

  1. I really need a vacation and this looks like such a magical location! I love all of the places that you highlighted!

  2. I find it always great to find that one place that has everything you need. I love to go to a strip malls that has everything there so I won’t waste my time.

  3. I’m not a fan of cities, after being raised in rural New Hampshire, and now living in rural Maine! I really have no interest in going to Las Vegas. HOWEVER … this certainly looks like an awesome place to stay for those who do go there. The margaritas look wonderful and the Portion Control eatery sounds ideal. Had to laugh at your “been on a diet since birth” comment! 🙂 Does seem that way sometimes!

  4. This looks like a great place! I know Las Vegas is up and coming, and always has been. I have family that live there so I should share this with them to try this place out! Thanks.

  5. It looks like a great place to having time. and it seems you are enjoying and having a blast. I will definitely put this on my bookmark as my future references to my next travel visit in Las Vegas.

  6. It looks like a great place to visit. Perfect place to relax and to unwind. I will have to check out the Gramercy if ever I visit Las Vegas.

  7. I feel like, at some point, everybody had Vegas as the goal and the dream. I, even as a non drinker would love to go, maybe not love there but a vacation would be nice. That’s for sure.

  8. I hope to move out next year, I’d love to live somewhere like that! (I don’t think that’ll happen in the uk!) but it really sounds like a lovely little community! I love that you are able to have such a nice area, beautiful apartment and ammenties near by while still having your dog. It really sounds like a wonderful place! Also, SUPER cute decals!

  9. Those drinks look great, I have never made my way to Vegas but it’s coming soon and I will have to check out the Gramercy while I’m there!!

  10. Next year me and my girlfriends are planning our momcation to LAS VEGAS., While we want to experience the strip we also just want some down time where we can recollect and gather up on our loss sleep. I’ll have to mention this place to them, because it sounds ideal as a one stop place for to recollect.

  11. I love these kinds of residences, and I’m in the same boat as you:) I sadly haven’t found anywhere like this in Madrid to live, so I just live in an apartment block. I love that the place is pet-friendly!

  12. It looks like you ladies had sooooo much fun. When you said that you chose the Barbie shoes and lipstick for your nails, I was like what!! How’s that going to look? And then there’s that snapshot of your nail with the lipstick on and it was like awwww that’s so cute. Oh and that pic of the Pinches Taco, mmmmmmm I could so do with one of those right now

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